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My Latest Venture: The Baking Chef!

By ishikaaz · June 6, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

I have been baking since god-knows-when, more than 15 years?? Yes, I started out helping my grandma bake Raya cookies when I was young and the hobby just stuck. Been experimenting with many different recipes since then and it wasn't very easy because of Singapore's humid weather but practice makes perfect! My favourite? Cupcakes, cheesecake and cookies! 

And so, I decided to start a small venture, selling whatever comes out of my kitchen. My mom has been taking baking classes even up till now and she passes on the information to me! She helps me out when she can, and helps me to promote my goods. Hehehe.. I started this Venture last week, 31st May 2012 and I have had about 7 cheesecake orders since then! Initially I could only bake 1-2 cheesecake a day because I only had one springform pan (specially for cheesecake), cooling and refrigerating the cheesecake takes alot of time. So I have been baking non-stop since last week and finally had enough to buy 2 more springform pans from Wilton! Yay Happy me!

I may be new in this and I may not be the best you can get out there but I do love baking and I just want to share what I can do with all you girls. :) I hope that you girls can support my little venture and check out my page : TheBakingChef

Thank you!

MAC Tres Chic Modern Mandarin dupes and comparisons!

By ishikaaz · May 28, 2012

Hi sweeties!

I know I've been away for awhile, been so busy and stressed out over my last so-called semester in NTU. And also, I couldn't think of what to blog about and whenever I think of something to blog about, I forget about it the moment I'm on the lappy. Lol that happens to me ALOT.

Anyways, I have been collecting peach/coral/orange blushes since I can remember and Modern Mandarin was the latest one I got. Here's some comparison swatches of the similar blushes that I have.

Here's the whole lot of blushes I will be swatching side-by-side. Ranging from MAC, NARS, Canmake, Stila and Sleek.

With flash L-R

Modern Mandarin, Sleek Rose Gold, MAC My Paradise, MAC Optimistic Orange, MAC Virgin Isle, Nars Torrid, Canmake PW25, Stila (can't rmbr shade)

I love Modern Mandarin's satin touch and it has a slight sheen which I totally love and you can't see this from the pot until you swatch it. It's pretty similar to Optimistic orange except MM has a more coral tone to it and OO is just well, orange. Virgin Isle is pretty similar too. OO and VI are creme blushes so they probably wouldn't have much sheen to them after setting with powder.


Without flash

I think I have way too many blushes to date, haha but what draws me to makeup is actually the blushes and eyeliners. I'm always looking out for these two products whenever there is a new release. Hehe.. how I wish I could get the whole Tres Chic Collection!


Haul Post: Revlon Lip Butters in Sweet Tart, Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti and Red Velvet Swatches & Review

By ishikaaz · February 22, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

I hauled these babies during the BOGO promotin and with shipping it came to about S$10 a piece? Definately cheaper than getting them in Singapore. Furthermore these shades are not available in Singapore.

Revlon Lip Butters

Love the casing they come in... Candy-coloured and so sleek!

Revlon Lip Butters; Sweet tart, Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti, Red Velvet

Don't they look like lollipops here?? They look so yummy and lickable! Hahaha

Top - Bottom: Red Velvet, Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple, Sweet Tart

Totally in love with the shades I got, they are perfect for everyday wear, not too pigmented or intense but with just the right amount of colour.


Revlon Lip Butter Red Velvet

Heres a lip swatch of me wearing Red Velvet. The name really speaks for itself, it really does remind me of red velvet. Now I feel like getting some Red Velvet cupcakes.. Hmm..

Thanks for reading!

Blog Sale feat. theBalm and the Beautiful Palette and bareMinerals 4.0 The Playlist

By ishikaaz · February 16, 2012


theBalm and the Beautiful Palette

Used a few shades only, practically new.



bareMinerals 4.0 The Playlist

Also used a few shades only once/twice.





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MAC Mineralize Repromotes and Expansion!

By ishikaaz · February 3, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

Have you heard? Mac will be adding more MES into their current collection some of which are repromotes from the Style Black Collection! There will be five new MES duos and five MES singles(four of which are repromotes from Style Black)! I wasn't a MAC fan back when Style Black was released but I think I just might get my hands on my first MES from MAC when these babies are out!

I am unsure if they are limited edition or permanent though. :)

<span>Mineralize Eyeshadow
Blue Flame – Melange: Mineralize black with blue pearl
Smutty Green – Melange: Cream/warm green/black veining
Young Punk – Melange: Mineralize black with pinkish purple pearl
Gilt by Association – Melange: Mineralize black with gold bronze pearl
Cinderfella – Melange: Mineralize black with silver pearl

Mineralize Eyeshadow (Duo)
Water & Ice – Melange: Creamy peach with blue and silver veining | Mono: sterling silver
Fresh Mint- Melange: White with silver and green | Mono: Icy green
Love Connection – Melange: Pale beige with gold and blue veining | Mono: Warm gold
Joy & Laughter – Melange: Dirty pink with hot pink and charcoal grey veining | Mono: Icy pink
Sweet & Sour – Melange: Dirty gold with green and deep blue veining | Mono: Warm


Water & Ice

Fresh Mint
Love Connection

Joy & Laughter
Sweet & Sour
Blue Flame
Smutty Green
Young Punk

Gilt by Association
I'm really digging Fresh Mint, Smutty Green, Cinderfella and Gilt by Association!



Egyptian Eye Makeup : Part Deux

By ishikaaz · February 2, 2012

Hi Sweeties,

This is a follow-up to my past entry Egyptian Eye Makeup which got quite a lot of hits and is one of my most popular entries. I decided to give it another try as I wasn't quite as satisfied at the look I did back then. So here goes my second try at an Egyptian eye look. :)

Does this look better than before? I had some problems getting the eyeliner to line-up with the other side!

Sorry about the unruly eyebrows. I don't shade my eyebrows so I just left them as is. Kinda like this photo though. :)

Thank's the whole look!

Products Used:


Skinfood Apple Cinnamon Tea bb Cream

NYX HD Foundation

EDM Powder


theBalm and the Beautiful in The Neighbour and The Bad Boy

BareMinerals 4.0 The Playlist Palette in Louder and Remix


MAC Refined Golden bronzer


Mac Strength


Thank you for reading!


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Chanel Holiday 2011 Haul! Feat 197 Enviree and Vitalumiere.

By ishikaaz · January 9, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

I happened to check out Chanel boutique at ION last week and decided to let my bf get me the Chanel lippie as a Christmas/ year-end bonus gift! Hehehe.. I also decided to try out Chanel Vitalumiere foundation since I've never tried any foundations from Chanel. Here's my review and pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I got the Rouge Allure in Shade 197 Enviree. It's a limited edition shade and so wearable Ive been using it everyday since I got it. I believe they're no longer selling this since there's a new collection out already.

The foundation shade I got was 40 Beige intensity 3.0. I have no idea what the intensity 3.0 stands for but the shade I got is a shade lighter than my skin but it's okay as the foundation is very sheer and blends right into my skin.

Chanel 197 Enviree

I love this shade so much and so did my boyfriend. He said it made my lips look more kissable! Haha! Anyways, it's a perfect blend of pink and coral with microglitters in my opinion. I have nothing bad to say about this shade, I just love it to bits.

Chanel enviree 197 swatches


Top - Chanel Vitalumiere 40 Beige blended.

Bottom - Chanel Rouge Allure 197 Enviree.

Chanel 197 Enviree swatch

Lip swatch. I was initially on the fence as I didn't really like lipsticks that had glitter in them, but quite glad I got this in the end! The shade compliments my skin really well. :)

As for the foundation after using it a couple of times I find it a little too sheer for my liking. It is hydrating, so much so that the foundation was more like tinted water and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Coverage is very light. It's great for light makeup days where you don't need to cover much flaws.


My purchases also came with a free gift, which I wasn't expecting at all. Can you guess what it is?

Chanel kaleidoscope

Chanel kaleidoscope

It's a kaleidoscope! How cool is that! Hahahaha.. The last time I had my hands on the kaleidoscpoe was at least 15 years ago? lol

Chanel kaleidoscope

This is what you see when you look through one end of the kaleidoscope. Pretty!


Inglot Freedom System Lip Palette

By ishikaaz · January 9, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

I joined Crimson Rose's Inglot spree 2 months ago and decided to add a collection of a few bold lip colours.

I only ordered 5 refills since I figured I can order the other 5 some other time. The palette and 5 shades cost me about S$60+ with shipping.

Inglot Lip swatches: Left - Right: 54, 63, 53, 50, 56.

Left - Right: 54, 63, 53, 50, 56.

I fins the casing a little bulky for my liking, and once you put the pans in, it's so hard to get them out hence I put green stickers on top of each pan to label the shades.

Inglot lip swatches Top to Bottom: 56, 50, 53, 63, 54.


Top to Bottom: 56, 50, 53, 63, 54.

The lippies were suprisingly pigmented and creamy. No doubt they were long-lasting, I tried washing off the swatches on my arm with soap and there are still traces of the lipstick left on my arm. Amazing staying power. The most troublesome thing about them are choosing the wide variety of shades! It can take you hours! But it will be worth it! :)


Sephora haul! And Tea at High Society Marina Bay Sands.

By ishikaaz · January 9, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

I was out with my bestie yesterday and we hung out at MBS High Society before shopping at Sephora! It was our first time at MBS's Sephora and we didn't expect to see it there at all. Anyway, she hasn't gotten me a birthday gift yet so I got a chance to choose what I wanted! Hehe. She's the best!

This is the chandelier at High Society. We had evening tea here, the teas were S$8, Cupcakes S$6, other cakes S$9. Quite expensive compared to other cafes and the place is so posh, it's kind of expected.

I had the Casanova cake and Roman Chamomile Tea while my friend had the Strawberry Cheese Glass and Peppermint Tea. We were both uber satisfied with our desserts. It was flavourful and delicious. :D

Anyways here's what she got me, Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Shade 11 and Soap and Glory Hand Wash and Lotion!

Finally got my hands on them! I've been trying them on and swatching them at Sephora ever since it was released but never gave in to buying them.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Shade 11 Swatch

I chose this shade because it's not too bold but not too boring either. It's more like a burgundy shade with flecks of colourful microglitters. You can't see the glitter in the pic as my iphone couldn't capture it but it's there. :)

Need to get my hands on Naked 2 next! Hahaha although from the swatches I kinda prefer the original Naked.

theBalm and the Beautiful Palette Review & Swatches

By ishikaaz · January 7, 2012

Hi Sweeties!

I managed to get this palette for a steal at only US$25++ and with 16 eyeshadows, 2 lip/cheek stains and 1 lip gloss. It's a freaking STEAL.

Apparently this palette is being sold for a fraction of it's price in many US outlets hence the deal. It retails for US$44.50.

This is my first item from theBalm range and I'm loving it!

The palette itself is really thin and not bulky at all. Held closed by magnets with 2 flipboards - one revealing the eyeshadows and the other revealing the lip/cheek products.

When opened.... Ta Dah!!!! The brush was useless so didn't use it at all.

Top-right eyeshadow got a little messy during shipment but it is still intact. Love all the colours! It has all the basic shades you need. :)

Swatches: First two rows

Swatches: Last two rows.

All the shades are shimmery so if you're not a fan of shimmer eyeshadows you may wanna stay clear. IMO, it's slightly on the high shimmer side which I didnt really like, but the eyeshadows are of great quality and pigmentation so I wouldn't mind keeping it anyways. :)



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Count me in!



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